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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why do boys n gals flirt when they hv a girlfrend/boyfriend??

Hey guys~~ will u flirt wit others when u hv a girlfriend or boyfriend ?? its just wrong 2 flirt around when ur dating>< n when u flirt v sumone u would nvr consider dating, den ur being cruel n unkind><
i hope tat my prince would nvr flirt v any of gals coz  it would really kill me!!! Most ppl love 2 b flirted v, coz it means tat sumone thinks tat they r interesting n funny XD but pls owez bear in mind tat NVR FLIRT V SUMONE U DUN WAN 2 DATE!!

Flirting takes skill, n it also takes luv n kindness, so nvr use flirtin in these situations XD
>When u hv a boyfriend/girlfriend ady
>when u dun lyk tat guy/girl ur flirting v
>when u wan sumone 2 do sumthg 4 u!! its really bad if u flirt v d guy/girl v such ulterior motive!!
>when ur just being cruel
>when its all u do( be picky,dun flirt v everyone )
>when d person has a boyfriend/girlfriend

p/s:  Pls stop flirting around if u hv a bf / gf , but for sure v still can flirt v our own lover XD coz flirting can b fun n gud 4 realtionship , but just make sure ur using it in a  godly way XD

My hubby jeng cheng!! Don't u ever dare 2 flirt v gals ya!!!

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