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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

-------The Person I Love The Most-------

Right Now...d person tat i love d most is my family n my boyfriend^^
I hv been blessed v a wonderful family and boyfriend that I couldn't ask for more.  God has been so good to me for giving me these people in my life. 
I feel so satisfy v wat i hv right now=)
I love my Boyfriend so much,he means everything 2 me..
There r so many reasons 4 y Im so loving him..

70 list for why i love my Jeng Cheng hubby tat much^^

1.Owez listening to me no matter wat
2.your smiles
3.for being so mature
4. Willing to change for me
5.the way you make me feel wanted
6. when you say i love you 
7.when you send me an unexpected cute messages or texts
8.your creativity
9. your laugh
10.when you play with my hair
11.when you kiss my neck
12. when you hug me from behind
13.when you just look at me for no reason
14. for teaching and informing me about things
15.when you suggest fun things for us to do
16.for noticing when I buy new clothes
17.the way you respect me
18.when you randomly smack my bum and face^^
19.the way your hair feels
20.i feel completely comfortable around you
21.when you say I love you
22.for encouraging me to say or spill out wats on my mind
23.your kisses in general
24.for talking things through instead of leaving arguments up in the air
25.when you put your arm round my shoulders when we are walking
26.for caring about my happiness
27.when you tell me how cute I am when I talked something silly
28.when you tickle and tease me
29.when you let me use your arm as a pillow
30.when you your nose to rub mine
31.how you dont care what others think of you
32.the way you stand up for what you believe in
33.for being 100% honest about everything after we been through so many obstacles
34.the way you can cheer me up in second
35.for still loving me despite all the stupid and unreasonable things I do and say
36.for having hobbies and interests
37.The way you call me babe n busuk Kelly (is really sweet^^)
38.nvr smokes
39.willing to admit our relationship in fb and in front of your friends
40.never leave me alone when Im feeling very down or moody even though I ask you to
41. helped me to accomplished my English essay^^
42.Missing me all the tym
43.Love to pestering me when we are having quarrel
44.Love the way u hug my slender waist tightly
45.So dote on me
46.So sexy with your strong body
47.Take such good care of me
48.Make my heart melt
49.Having thirsty and passionate feelings on me
50.You are such a big, strong man
51. Owez being so thirsty for knowledge
52.Praising me cute and beautiful all the time^^
53.The way u make me feel special
54.Making my life to be so perfectly happy
55.looks cute when youre sleeping
56.Taught me the meaning of love
57.Cant be mad at me for a long tym
58.Choosing me /picked me as a girlfriend
59.Give me that special feelings that no one can give me
60.Always happy to see me
61.Know how to brings a smile to my face
62.Make me a better person
63.Patience with me even when I push it to limit sometimes
64.Owez make me laugh or smile even I dun wan to
65.The way you hold my hands
66.The way you comfort me when I cry
67.Never get angry when I eat that much
68. Get jealous when there is a guy finds me
69.Never fail to make me feel lyk the most special girl in the world
70.Making me feel lyk the luckiest and happiest girl in the world =) I LOVE YOU MY JENG CHENG HUBBY

 And one of the main reasons I love my boyfriend:

                               I LOVE MY HUBBY JENG CHENG VERY 
                                                    VERY MUCH!!!
                                                  KELLY LOVES JACKS!!!

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