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Friday, April 1, 2011

I wanna b a perfect GIRLFRIEND!!

Ppl cannot live witot air and I found myself cannot live witot him---my precious boyfriend tat I had ever met =)

v did quarreled a lot..but I dun knw y Im still so loving him. Im nt a perfect gf…yet but I do willing 2 change 4 him

to be caring enuf n nt tat "cow" anymore. I hope I will coz im nt gonna let him down again^^

gals, did u ever heard dis? " its important 2 knw hw 2 take care of your bf if u wan 2 keep him"

Well, dis isn't saying tat u nid 2 bein his servant but its telling us v hv 2 love him n caring bout hw he feels.

Do I really ever care bout hws my boy feels? No….i failed 2 bein a gud gf but nw I realized tat its tym 4 me 2 change

N 2 show my love 2 him^^

Gals, remember tat love isn't bout getting something ;its bout giving. N I will owez bear in mind ^^ N a part of loving

Is giving him wat he nid tat I have. If v knw wat they nid, den it will b easier 2 make them happy n so 2 create a great relationship^^

I knw its quite difficult 2 b the best girlfriend ever, but im gonna learn frm now onwards. Lee Jeng Cheng!! Sorry for wat i had done yesterday,

N I knw d best damn thg tat I can do for u is 2 appreciate u^^ Love u~~

DarDar I Love You Muakz

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why do boys n gals flirt when they hv a girlfrend/boyfriend??

Hey guys~~ will u flirt wit others when u hv a girlfriend or boyfriend ?? its just wrong 2 flirt around when ur dating>< n when u flirt v sumone u would nvr consider dating, den ur being cruel n unkind><
i hope tat my prince would nvr flirt v any of gals coz  it would really kill me!!! Most ppl love 2 b flirted v, coz it means tat sumone thinks tat they r interesting n funny XD but pls owez bear in mind tat NVR FLIRT V SUMONE U DUN WAN 2 DATE!!

Flirting takes skill, n it also takes luv n kindness, so nvr use flirtin in these situations XD
>When u hv a boyfriend/girlfriend ady
>when u dun lyk tat guy/girl ur flirting v
>when u wan sumone 2 do sumthg 4 u!! its really bad if u flirt v d guy/girl v such ulterior motive!!
>when ur just being cruel
>when its all u do( be picky,dun flirt v everyone )
>when d person has a boyfriend/girlfriend

p/s:  Pls stop flirting around if u hv a bf / gf , but for sure v still can flirt v our own lover XD coz flirting can b fun n gud 4 realtionship , but just make sure ur using it in a  godly way XD

My hubby jeng cheng!! Don't u ever dare 2 flirt v gals ya!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

--------I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!---------

I love SHOPPING very much altot its very tiring>< I very enjoy v shopping even tot its just a window shopping@@ I guess every gals do love shopping too hehe.. y do gals love shopping? Gals absolutely love fashion n dressing themselves up as wat I do =D Well,d most obvious reason 2 consider is bcoz v juz love 2 look great =D Gals will happily spend haf of day of their tym n money heading 2 shops 2 get make up, jewellery, n clothing so they can dress up n look great n d next date =D

My wallet bleeding terribly yesterday T.T  i'm mad v make up stuff ,bags N magazine as well..n my fren told me tat gal is lyk dis onebut I really unable to control myself even tot I had told myself tat I MUST learn how 2 save money n cant spend too much on unuseful stuffs coz im gonna spend a large amount of money 2 rearrange my teeth=)..but these kind of stuffs r so important 2 gals rite =p im findin excuse 4 myself XD haha
However, wearin high heels 2 shopping is really killing me>< I knw I shudn wear it =( but gals wan pretty wat =( 

Gonna show u all wat I had bought yesterday XD
I went 2 SASA n I bought a Canmake Cream Cheek which is in gel form^^ its a japan brand..n guess wat XD Im so obsessed v KATE N SHISEIDO brand lately..but too bad T.T I couldn found any of Shiseido cosmetic product at here..What a shame T.T my fren told me tat Shiseido faundation in really awesomearhgg I wan it ><

                  Canmake Cream Cheek

But however, I hv bought a KATE eye shadow hehei knw nt eveyone will love these 2 brand but I do prefer KATE N SHISEIDO instead of any other cosmetic brand hehe..anyone has ever heard KISS ME brand cosmetic which in made in Japan? Well, I hv bought a kiss me heavy rotation sexy enamel gross of whity pink ^^ I love it coz its able 2 cretes a sexy n nude lips 2 gals n its oso provide long-lasting gloss n moisture^^ sounds nice is it XD hv a try if u wan a glamorous look XD haha..keke nt oni those cosmetics..i hv bought 2 magazine n 2 english novel as well..wat magazine do gals owez luv 2 read? I choose ViVi n Popteen as my fav magazine=) but is nt d latest one =( I couldn found d latest ViVi lar =( I wish I could learn such professinal make up skills as d magazine models do =( they r all look so pretty =( so envy v them arrghh.. I knw its not a necessary 4 me 2 follow d trend..but I dun wanna 2 b outdated frm fashion world XD
Im wonderin will my bf blame me if he finds out tat I hv spent so much on these kind of stuffs =(

   kiss me heavy rotation sexy enamel gross of whity pink

                    KATE eye shadow
        i hope i wont giving up on readin such thick novel@@

                   popteen magazine =D

      I went out without make up >< ugly rite =(

         Ss in d fitting room hahaha =D dis is wat 
                         gals owez do XD 

                 Dis is Canmake XD


             KISS ME BRAND ^^
                DIS IS KATE!!!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

-----I'm Proud to be a Libra-----

   Im a LIBRA GIRL and Im very
       proud to be a libra!!

àEveryone is different frm personalities and characteristics. Even the two children were born of the same parents and brought up in exactly d same way may grow up to be very different in characters. However, some characteristics tat we read frm websites are the characteristics tat we would hv described bout ourselves without ever read frm any magazines o websites XD

(24 September - 23 October)===è LIBRA
For those who r librans  may hv a look on these^^

*General character*
 #Libra is said to be the most desired Zodiac Sign
 #Librans too are among the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking.
(Phew~~ I do agree v dis XD libra is usually Gud-LOOKING!! Haha)

#They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring.
(OMG!! There were absolutely correct!! I hv a gud taste in clothes and I owez talk in gud taste,wuahahaha n I knw im very charming n attractive, tats y my dardar jeng cheng will attracted by his busuk kelly hahaha so perasan riteXD)

#have many good friends.
(hehe^^ yea I do agree v dis~~ I luv 2 make new frens coz fren is d person tat who can owez gv u strength 2 move on no matter wats happen. But I do love my hubby more^^)

#You do not like it when your decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize you.
#Libras enjoy the arts more than science.

*A negative Libraian (there aren't many)*
#They can be changeable and indecisive, impatient with a daily routine.
(== so accurate lar..i hv a cheerful disposition, but oso moody n sum tyms unpredictable XD and I oso can be vy hesitant and indecisive on choosing o buying sumthg><, sumtyms hv 2 takes one o more den one hour 2 make a decision ><)

#and yet Librans can shock everyone around them with sudden storms of rage.
#Librans can be surprisingly energetic, though it is true that they dislike coarse, dirty work. 

*Romantic character*
# Librans have an attraction for the opposite sex but should be careful as you are very emotional, therefore you cannot make difference between good and bad. 
# Librans are advised to think well before making the first move, because, sometimes your partner may put you in a scandal. 

Kelly is friendly ,she dont lyk 2 argue=)  her favorite color is blue, nt great at saving money,love 2 shop, love 2 sing, and definitely d jealous type!! She is also quite independent, loves clothes especially new clothes n style, she could get hurts easily=) kelly is vr hot temper too but she can also be quite and calm at times..n its kinda hard 2 read her=) but she loves her boyfriend vy much n nt bear to leave him=) dis is how she is n how she gonna be=) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


-------The Person I Love The Most-------

Right Now...d person tat i love d most is my family n my boyfriend^^
I hv been blessed v a wonderful family and boyfriend that I couldn't ask for more.  God has been so good to me for giving me these people in my life. 
I feel so satisfy v wat i hv right now=)
I love my Boyfriend so much,he means everything 2 me..
There r so many reasons 4 y Im so loving him..

70 list for why i love my Jeng Cheng hubby tat much^^

1.Owez listening to me no matter wat
2.your smiles
3.for being so mature
4. Willing to change for me
5.the way you make me feel wanted
6. when you say i love you 
7.when you send me an unexpected cute messages or texts
8.your creativity
9. your laugh
10.when you play with my hair
11.when you kiss my neck
12. when you hug me from behind
13.when you just look at me for no reason
14. for teaching and informing me about things
15.when you suggest fun things for us to do
16.for noticing when I buy new clothes
17.the way you respect me
18.when you randomly smack my bum and face^^
19.the way your hair feels
20.i feel completely comfortable around you
21.when you say I love you
22.for encouraging me to say or spill out wats on my mind
23.your kisses in general
24.for talking things through instead of leaving arguments up in the air
25.when you put your arm round my shoulders when we are walking
26.for caring about my happiness
27.when you tell me how cute I am when I talked something silly
28.when you tickle and tease me
29.when you let me use your arm as a pillow
30.when you your nose to rub mine
31.how you dont care what others think of you
32.the way you stand up for what you believe in
33.for being 100% honest about everything after we been through so many obstacles
34.the way you can cheer me up in second
35.for still loving me despite all the stupid and unreasonable things I do and say
36.for having hobbies and interests
37.The way you call me babe n busuk Kelly (is really sweet^^)
38.nvr smokes
39.willing to admit our relationship in fb and in front of your friends
40.never leave me alone when Im feeling very down or moody even though I ask you to
41. helped me to accomplished my English essay^^
42.Missing me all the tym
43.Love to pestering me when we are having quarrel
44.Love the way u hug my slender waist tightly
45.So dote on me
46.So sexy with your strong body
47.Take such good care of me
48.Make my heart melt
49.Having thirsty and passionate feelings on me
50.You are such a big, strong man
51. Owez being so thirsty for knowledge
52.Praising me cute and beautiful all the time^^
53.The way u make me feel special
54.Making my life to be so perfectly happy
55.looks cute when youre sleeping
56.Taught me the meaning of love
57.Cant be mad at me for a long tym
58.Choosing me /picked me as a girlfriend
59.Give me that special feelings that no one can give me
60.Always happy to see me
61.Know how to brings a smile to my face
62.Make me a better person
63.Patience with me even when I push it to limit sometimes
64.Owez make me laugh or smile even I dun wan to
65.The way you hold my hands
66.The way you comfort me when I cry
67.Never get angry when I eat that much
68. Get jealous when there is a guy finds me
69.Never fail to make me feel lyk the most special girl in the world
70.Making me feel lyk the luckiest and happiest girl in the world =) I LOVE YOU MY JENG CHENG HUBBY

 And one of the main reasons I love my boyfriend:

                               I LOVE MY HUBBY JENG CHENG VERY 
                                                    VERY MUCH!!!
                                                  KELLY LOVES JACKS!!!