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Friday, April 1, 2011

I wanna b a perfect GIRLFRIEND!!

Ppl cannot live witot air and I found myself cannot live witot him---my precious boyfriend tat I had ever met =)

v did quarreled a lot..but I dun knw y Im still so loving him. Im nt a perfect gf…yet but I do willing 2 change 4 him

to be caring enuf n nt tat "cow" anymore. I hope I will coz im nt gonna let him down again^^

gals, did u ever heard dis? " its important 2 knw hw 2 take care of your bf if u wan 2 keep him"

Well, dis isn't saying tat u nid 2 bein his servant but its telling us v hv 2 love him n caring bout hw he feels.

Do I really ever care bout hws my boy feels? No….i failed 2 bein a gud gf but nw I realized tat its tym 4 me 2 change

N 2 show my love 2 him^^

Gals, remember tat love isn't bout getting something ;its bout giving. N I will owez bear in mind ^^ N a part of loving

Is giving him wat he nid tat I have. If v knw wat they nid, den it will b easier 2 make them happy n so 2 create a great relationship^^

I knw its quite difficult 2 b the best girlfriend ever, but im gonna learn frm now onwards. Lee Jeng Cheng!! Sorry for wat i had done yesterday,

N I knw d best damn thg tat I can do for u is 2 appreciate u^^ Love u~~

DarDar I Love You Muakz