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Saturday, March 12, 2011

--------I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!---------

I love SHOPPING very much altot its very tiring>< I very enjoy v shopping even tot its just a window shopping@@ I guess every gals do love shopping too hehe.. y do gals love shopping? Gals absolutely love fashion n dressing themselves up as wat I do =D Well,d most obvious reason 2 consider is bcoz v juz love 2 look great =D Gals will happily spend haf of day of their tym n money heading 2 shops 2 get make up, jewellery, n clothing so they can dress up n look great n d next date =D

My wallet bleeding terribly yesterday T.T  i'm mad v make up stuff ,bags N magazine as well..n my fren told me tat gal is lyk dis onebut I really unable to control myself even tot I had told myself tat I MUST learn how 2 save money n cant spend too much on unuseful stuffs coz im gonna spend a large amount of money 2 rearrange my teeth=)..but these kind of stuffs r so important 2 gals rite =p im findin excuse 4 myself XD haha
However, wearin high heels 2 shopping is really killing me>< I knw I shudn wear it =( but gals wan pretty wat =( 

Gonna show u all wat I had bought yesterday XD
I went 2 SASA n I bought a Canmake Cream Cheek which is in gel form^^ its a japan brand..n guess wat XD Im so obsessed v KATE N SHISEIDO brand lately..but too bad T.T I couldn found any of Shiseido cosmetic product at here..What a shame T.T my fren told me tat Shiseido faundation in really awesomearhgg I wan it ><

                  Canmake Cream Cheek

But however, I hv bought a KATE eye shadow hehei knw nt eveyone will love these 2 brand but I do prefer KATE N SHISEIDO instead of any other cosmetic brand hehe..anyone has ever heard KISS ME brand cosmetic which in made in Japan? Well, I hv bought a kiss me heavy rotation sexy enamel gross of whity pink ^^ I love it coz its able 2 cretes a sexy n nude lips 2 gals n its oso provide long-lasting gloss n moisture^^ sounds nice is it XD hv a try if u wan a glamorous look XD haha..keke nt oni those cosmetics..i hv bought 2 magazine n 2 english novel as well..wat magazine do gals owez luv 2 read? I choose ViVi n Popteen as my fav magazine=) but is nt d latest one =( I couldn found d latest ViVi lar =( I wish I could learn such professinal make up skills as d magazine models do =( they r all look so pretty =( so envy v them arrghh.. I knw its not a necessary 4 me 2 follow d trend..but I dun wanna 2 b outdated frm fashion world XD
Im wonderin will my bf blame me if he finds out tat I hv spent so much on these kind of stuffs =(

   kiss me heavy rotation sexy enamel gross of whity pink

                    KATE eye shadow
        i hope i wont giving up on readin such thick novel@@

                   popteen magazine =D

      I went out without make up >< ugly rite =(

         Ss in d fitting room hahaha =D dis is wat 
                         gals owez do XD 

                 Dis is Canmake XD


             KISS ME BRAND ^^
                DIS IS KATE!!!



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